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Friday, January 28, 2011

Glow Worms

When I was in college I went through a phase and was into buying panties for every holiday.  I had a pair for every one of them.  My favorite pair was my halloween pair.  Mainly because they glowed in the dark! They were pretty sweet. Well, anyway, when i bought them they came with a sticker that said "Glows in the Dark."  And as a joke, one of my friends stuck it my bible.  And it just kind of stayed there.  I don't know why I never removed it, I was just lazy I guess.

That sticker stayed on my bible for around 5 months before anyone ever noticed it was there.  Not really a problem but it just happened to be my senior seminar teacher, Dr. Wolcott.  I was sitting in class one day and Dr. Wolcott was talking about the importance of spending time in the Word and then looked over at my desk and pointed out my bible.  He said that he thought that was a great reminder. In order for the sticker to glow in the dark it must spend time in the light. Just like us.  We can walk around pretending to glow for Christ but when the darkness comes we are exposed for what we really are. 

I want to glow in the dark. So i guess it's time for a little sunbathing. :)

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