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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

common what?

I remember when I found out that I was pregnant.  I was so excited.  And scared.  I was so excited to have a little bundle of joy that I would get to play with and watch grow up.  And then I became scared.  I was going to have another persons life in my hands.  I was going to be responsible for keeping this baby alive.  I was going to be responsible for raising and training this child for when he grew up and went on his own.

I may have only been a mom for 11 months now but in this short amount of time I have come to realize one thing.  It is amazing how often common sense comes into play when it comes to being a parent.  Which then makes me sad when I think about how little common sense there is left in the world.  Like you shouldn't have your baby in Walmart at 11:00 while you do your grocery shopping.  Don't take a toddler to a nice restaurant.  Make sure your child wears a coat to school when they are sick and it's 30 degrees outside.

See. Common sense.

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  1. Now why are you sending your sick child to school:) And I am that mom with a baby, shopping on Black Friday at 4am...but I got some great deals!