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Monday, February 14, 2011


All of us at one time or another had a favorite blanket or stuffed animal that we carried around with us when we were kids.  Whenever you were scared or hurt or lonely all you had to do was give that beloved thing a squeeze and everything was all right.  For my son, it is a sock.  It doesn't matter what sock, just one of his socks.  Strange, right? I don't get it either.  Whenever he is hurt or upset and I can't seem to get him to calm down, a sock usually does the trick. All I have to do is take a sock of his foot and hand it to him and his world is alright again. For example, today i was sitting on the floor while he was playing around and he went around the corner where i couldn't see him.  I assumed he was at the baby gate like he normally is and i just made sure to listen for any signs of trouble.  And then of course, the inevitable happened.  I heard something hit the floor and then crying so i got up and headed around the corner and what do i find? I had left the door to the upstairs open and he had crawled up a few steps and decided to head back down! So I found him face first on the floor with his body still on the steps.  I quickly ran over and picked him and rocked him in my arms to try and calm him down.  Now, this normally works when he hurts himself (which is quite often right now, considering he can now pull himself up) and after a few minutes of cuddling with mommy he is ready to get down and play some more. But for some reason this time it wasn't working.  I tried everything, rocking, singing, distraction and he was still pretty upset.  So I then used my "ace in the hole." I took one of his socks off and handed it to him.  And almost instantly he was fine.  That was about an hour ago and he has been dragging his sock around with him ever since.  At one point he had dropped it and crawled off and then when he realized he didn't have it he turned around and went back for it. 

I don't understand what it is about his socks that brings him so much comfort.  Maybe it's because they keep his feet nice and warm and he loves them for that or maybe just because they are really good at sopping up drool.  But for whatever reason, he has found his proverbial "security blanket." 


  1. Your hubby shared this at Youth Study a few weeks ago. Our youngest went for tags, those soft silky tags on his stuffed toys, receiving blankets and his own tshirts. When I held him, he'd reach around my neck and find the tag on the back of MY shirt at my neck. We'd never seen this before, but would help him find a "taggie" when he needed soothing. THEN when he was about 5, we were in a boutique and saw a baby blanket with silky tags trimming the edges! We couldn't believe it! The cool thing about socks and tags: there's always one around! Enjoy your boy!